Grace Community Church Celebrates

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     Twenty years ago (2002), Grace Community Church purchased the former Garr Funeral Home located in Sellersburg, Indiana. The  building became available after Garr Funeral Home buillt a new funeral home located aproximately 1.5 miles south on Indiana Highway 311. The Grace Community Church trustees voted to acquire the former funeral home location after holding services in several other temporary facilities such as Siver Creek Middle School, and Haas Cabinet.

     The former owners carried the note for the church, and now after making payments for twenty years, the Grace Community Church trustees and members are now the sole owners of the church's property.

     For many years of service as treasurer, Cynthia was recognized by the church council for her many years of dedicated service. Pictured here is Elder Woody Baily presenting Cynthia a Certificate of Recognition for her faithful service to the church.

     Members and friends joined in the celebration attending a catrered luncheon at the church. Members also participated in the buring of the mortgage papers as a symbol that the church is now free and clear and can and will continue performing God's work in the community.