About Us

{icture of Grace Community Church

   Late 2001 a group of members while attending another church, which many called had home for one or more generations, decided to leave and worship elsewhere. In November, 2001, these members borrowed the dining room of a local business located in Sellersburg, IN. The dining room was set up as a makeshift sanctuary with thirty chairs, and many were hoping that most of the chairs would be filled. It was not expected for many people to attend the first worship service at the new Grace Community Church. More than 65 people attended the first worship service, exceeding the expectations of those who had planned to be there.

  Outgrowing the dining room facilities, the congregation moved to another location provided by another local business. Finally, the Grace Community Church congregation purchased the building located at 124
S. Indiana Avenue, formerly Garr Funeral Home a meeting hall for events. Members provide a light meal and fellowship to be enjoyed before Bible study. 

  You are invited to come visit and worship with us. Sunday school begins at 9:30 AM every Sunday followed by our worship service at 10:30 AM. You are. also invited to join us for a light meal and Bible study on Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM. We look forward to your visit